The company Transportes Fuente Del Norte was founded in 1958 by a pioneer and visionary man who, despite the road conditions, did not let his efforts go in vain.

Its beginning originated with a Pick-Up that transported passengers from the seafood village to the trench crossing, and a three-row truck that went from seafood to the amates, as well as from seafood to the neighborhood port.

In 1964, the Empresa Transportes Fuente del Norte began its results as it acquired the banana transport line to Guatemala, being a position that required a lot of effort and dedication.

Not too far in the year 1969, the Empresa Transportes Fuente Del Norte gives another result since it manages to open a gap towards the Petenero territory, as well as the Atlantic area, achieving the transport line from Guatemala to Puerto Barrios and Guatemala to Santa Elena, Guatemala. to the crosses, Guatemala to Melchor, this was the result of hard and tenacious work that Mr. Alfredo Mendoza Pellecer had established with his company. When Don Alfredo Mendoza saw that the Transportes Fuente Del Norte Company was taking giant steps in 1981, he had to talk with the company from Lithuania to define areas of work, reaching a mutual agreement that Transportes Fuente Del Norte would have the Guatemalan transport line. to peten, and litegua transport from guatemala to puerto barrios.

Don Alfredo Mendoza in his approach always thought of the family since he was concerned about leaving a legacy to all his children and forging them so that his point of view would continue much further and thus be the pioneers of the new generations.

This new vision gave rise to a luxury service giving rise to the Gold and Maya de Oro Class Bus service. To date, the company Transportes Fuente Del Norte has expanded both within the country as well as outside of it, such as Honduras, el salvador, belize, borders of mexico and belize.

It has a luxury service with double-decker Gold Class buses, to the south and north of the country. It has a service from Santa Elena to Cobán. With their respective rights and authorizations from the General Directorate of Transport. These are the results of a pioneer and dreamer who, with the Fuente Del Norte Company, has come so far providing a service to the entire national population with 75% foreigners.

It is currently constituted as a public limited company under the name of “Transportes Fuente Del Norte La Pionera, S.A.”

  • Legal base

    Company for passenger and cargo transport services registered with a Company trade patent under Registry number 42723, folio 373, book 136, of companies. Registered on January 31, 2000. Registered with the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT) on February 4, 2000 with the activity of transporting passengers and cargo by road.

  • Vision

    Being a passenger and parcel transport company, at the forefront in the application of technology, guaranteeing quality service and comfort.

  • Mission

    To be leaders in the national and international passenger transport and parcel service, offering a quality service to our clients, a stable source of work for our employees, benefit for the social and economic development of the country; based on efficiency and attitudes aimed at customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

  • Goalds

    • Offer the best transportation service for passengers and parcels, safely and reliably.

    • Ensure that all staff apply the rules and procedures of the company in the provision of all services.

    • Guarantee efficiency and safety, so that customers are provided with the best possible service.

  • Strategies

    • Customer Service. The customer above all else.

    • Introducir nuevas unidades de autobuses. satisfacer a los clientes con comodidad, seguridad y confort.

    • Ofrecer nuevos servicios. autobuses de lujo con a/c, tv y baño, servicio de encomiendas de puerta a puerta para satisfacción de nuestros clientes.

  • Values

    • Honesty. We know that the achievement of objectives and permanence in the market is based on honesty, therefore, we make this value the cornerstone of all our operations, both towards customers and towards each and every one of the people. who contribute their talent and service to our company; we recognize our strengths and strive to overcome our weaknesses day by day.

    • Respect. We are convinced that through respect for people and all the commitments made, we can achieve the positioning of our company and recognition of the quality of the services we provide

    • Worked. We believe that work is the primary source of benefits for all those who are involved in our operations and that the only indicator of the efforts we make is the result.

    • Technology. We recognize the importance of technology in achieving our goals and we are committed to its application and development to reach the forefront of quality service and punctuality in the destinations that our clients trust us.

    • Security. We know the responsibility that our operation entails, that is why we consider the importance of adhering to systems and procedures that safeguard the integrity of the clients we transport and the people involved in their transfer.