- Luggage:

You will be able to carry 50 pounds of luggage*. If you exceed the allowed weight, there will be an additional cost of Q3.00 per pound of excess. *The company is not responsible for loss or damage to valuables, fragile boxes, computer equipment, electronics and appliances. The objects remain under the responsibility of the passenger.

- Way to pay:

  • At our terminals you can pay in cash, with credit, debit, Visa and Mastercard cards.
  • Online you can pay with credit, debit, Visa and Mastercard cards. Security measures are determined by the bank with which the payment is made.
  • Children under 3 years old do not pay a seat.
  • Children over 3 years old pay a full ticket, without passenger restrictions.
  • Every child must travel in the company of an adult.

- Date changes on tickets:

You can transfer or change the date of your ticket up to 3 hours before your departure at any Transportes Fuente Del Norte ticket office, deliver the original ticket, the original invoice and present a current official identification of the person whose name appears on the ticket. There is no penalty when requesting a change of departure date or time or transferring the ticket, if you do it before 3 hours of departure, if you do it after that time, one hour maximum, 50% of the value of the ticket will be deducted. ticket crediting the other 50% of the value to your next purchase.

- Boarding Policies:

For your safety, it is not allowed
  • Boarding while intoxicated or with signs of having consumed drugs.
  • Entering with firearms, knives or sharp objects. If you carry any of these objects, you must hand it over to the driver who will return it to you when you arrive at your destination.
  • Bringing animals onto the bus.
  • Enter alcoholic beverages and/or drugs.
  • Transport gunpowder or fireworks, explosives, solvents, gas tanks, paints, corrosive.
  • Children will not be able to travel without the company of an adult.

- Courier-Parcel:

  • Show up at the station where you want to send the parcel
  • The minimum cost for sending a package, envelope or document is Q 25.00
  • The shipping cost varies based on weight and volume, taking whichever is greater
  • Record the data of the sender and recipient, as well as the characteristics of the order (if it is less than 1 pound, a minimum of Q 25.00 will be charged)
  • The shipment of the order is made on the same day of registration in the last run. You can pick up the order the next day in the morning, starting at 8:00 a.m.